How do I install MoVi on my Child’s device?

You need to have your child’s device (Phone, Tablet, Chromebook) in hand in order to install the MoVi app. Also, you must have installed the app on ONE Parent device and have your email address and password handy for your parent account. (This is the email and password you used to set up your parent device for MoVi). Once you have your parent device installed and signed on, there are several ways you can install the app on your child’s device. 1. In the MoVi App on your parent device, tap on the “Hamburger” menu (upper right, three horizontal lines) and tap on “Share MoVi App Link”. 2. Select a method to share the link by tapping on one of the app icons provided. For instance, if you’d like to text the link to your child’s phone number select the messaging app. Once you select the app you want, you’ll be taken into that apps screen and you’ll see the link already pasted in the app. 3. Send the link via the app that you choose. 4.  On the child device, check the app for the method you chose and find the message-email-etc. Tap on the link (Child device) and you will automatically be taken to Google Play’s entry for the MoVi app. 5. Tap install and begin the installation process. 6. When asked for the email address and password, use the SAME ones you chose for setting up your parent app. Do this for ALL child devices you wish to set up.  

How do I install MoVi on one of my Child devices?

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