MoVı® Unlimited

$ 3
Per Month - One Parent Device Unlimited Child Devices
  • Free 7 day trial / Intro Price $1.99
  • MoVı® SpotCheck Included
    Our revolutionary service that provides 8 random images daily from your child’s device to allow a parent to see a periodic snapshot of what is happening in their child’s digital life.
  • Real-Time High Risk (Adult Content)) Image Alerts
  • Unlimited Child Devices
    Android Phones and Tablets
    Supports Android 8.1 and Above
    Simple & Quick Install
  • Image Management:
    Delete, Save, Info
  • Device Management:
    Rename, Delete
  • Image Gallery and Individual Image Viewer
  • Monitoring Heartbeat Status Indicator:
  • Tamper Alerts
Intro $1.99

How do I get MoVı®

MoVi® by iBucci®  is available on Google Play and adheres to the strict policies, requirements, restrictions and strenuous reviews that Google requires of each and every app before it ever becomes available through the Play Store. As a result MoVi® by iBucci®  subscribers are assured that the app is approved by a trusted source, and is safe to download.

What’s more, unlike our competitors. MoVi® by iBucci®  does NOT require so-called “Side Loading” which involves changing internal Android settings in order to install and operate it, opening up the device to hacking. MoVi® by iBucci®  does NOT require the parent to know all of the apps each child has installed along with their login credentials. MoVi® by iBucci®  makes it virtually impossible for the child to thwart monitoring  – making the app fast, easy and  safe and to install.

MoVi® by iBucci®  is up and running in just minutes while our competitors can take hours.