ABOUT MoVi ® by iBucci ®

Photo by Gustavo Fring
Photo by Gustavo Fring

MoVı ® is short for Mobile Vigilance

An Android mobile  app that uses the latest technology to level the playing field for parents, grandparents, teachers and law enforcement with those who use Android mobile messaging to expose children to pornography, child trafficking, bullying and sexting.

MoVı ® is designed by parents for parents

The idea for  MoVı® sprang from its developers’ need to protect their own children and grandchildren from the hazards that come along with the benefits of using mobile devices to stay connected with their kids. 

MoVı ® works by

Directly linking children’s mobile devices  to their parents. That means that as long as both parent and child have installed the MoVı® app on their respective devices , messages are shared directly (Peer to Peer), without passing through a third party server.

MoVı ® is different

Because it delivers what other so-called child protection apps promise but can’t.

Unlike our competitors, MoVı ®