Best Parental Control & Monitoring App is Now Free! MoVi Free

MoVi, the #1 Parental Control & Monitoring App from iBucci Corp has announced a new Mission – No Parent Left Behind

We at iBucci Corp recognize the importance of safeguarding our children’s digital lives more than ever before. Parenting in today’s complex, online mobile world has become so challenging for most parents that many are frustrated by the lack of affordable solutions. There are dozens of so-called “Free” Parental Control & Monitoring Apps on Google Play but none of them are actually free! Free in all cases has always meant Free Trial and then an expensive subscription that many parents simply cannot afford. Some of these subscriptions are upwards of $16.00 per month!

MoVi, which is short for Mobile Vigilance, recognizes this and is now the first and ONLY Parental Control & Monitoring app on Google Play that is now offering Free access to ALL parents, regardless of location or income level. We call it the “No Parent Left Behind” Mission. MoVi would like to see every parent in the world have access to its unique and highly effective technology that protects and monitors children while on their mobile Android devices. This includes cell phones as well as tablets.

MoVi Parental Control & Monitoring App is now available Free to any parent that desires access to the #1 technology that is capable of capturing and identifying Adult Content – Nudity, Porn & Suggestive images on a child’s Android device and sending a notification in real-time to the Parent’s device with a copy of the image detected, fogged to protect the parent, giving the parent the ability to keep their child safe from outside influences such as Predators, Sex Traffickers as well as sent images by the child that could jeopardize their future or indicate an inappropriate relationship online.

Unique to MoVi is the SpotCheck feature, a patented, trademarked technique to share an image from the child’s device screen every 2-3 hours a day allowing the parent to “Peer Into a Child’s Digital Life”. SpotCheck is only available in MoVi and has become the #1 reason that parents love the app.

The new MoVi Free version also allows those parents who wish to have an ad-free experience to subscribe to very reasonably priced Monthly, Bi-Annual and Yearly plans.

Our mission is to keep MoVi Free to all parents and as such we encourage all of our uses to Share MoVi Free with all of their parent friends, the more parents that use the app, the easier it is to keep MoVi Free.

MoVi Free version is now available for download on Google Play by following this link:

Parents can get more detailed information about MoVi Free version on our website:

We are also in the process of producing a new FAQ and Instructional Videos page that will answer many common questions about the app as well as short videos that walk a parent through varying processes to install, share, uninstall and use the MoVi Free version of the App. Parents can view this page by following the link below:

FAQ & Video Shorts

Check back to our Blog periodically for more new information.

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