Online Child Grooming – Predators Unveil Eagerness to Exploit Young Children

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Online Child Grooming for exploitation in 10 in minutes or less

Online Child Grooming:

If parents believe that predators take their time grooming the kids they plan to exploit, they’d be wrong, according to a study by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) a federally funded resource that offers justice and drug-related information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide.

Instead, it takes just a median of just 10 minutes for potential predators to ask a kid for a photo, and an average of 50 minutes to ask the kids for a meet-up.

Meanwhile, it takes only a median of 71 minutes for potential predators to engage in real time on-line sex acts, according to the NCJRS study.

 Parents can teach kids about how potential predators might solicit them by explaining how they work, according to internet safety expert Amica Graber, safety expert for the California-based background checking tool, Instant Checkmate.

“A predator will ask a lot of questions about (a child’s) family, friends, school, feelings and experiences,” she said. “They’ll agree with almost everything (the child says), and say that they feel the same way — but they reveal very little information about themselves.”

Frequent conversations about how potential predators behave, and about how kids communicate with their friends online and via cell phone should also be part of a parent’s child safety plan, the NCJRS said.

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