Chores benefit kids, bond families

Chores benefit kids, bond families

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Just the mention of the word is likely to draw groans from most kids. Even adults would rather not even think about them.

Still, according to psychologist Eileen Kennedy- Moore, Ph.D., kids and their families derive a variety of benefits from even the simplest of chores like clearing the table or picking up after themselves.

“Insisting on chores sends children the message that being part of a family means pitching in and doing things for the greater good,” Kennedy-Moore wrote in Psychology Today magazine.

“Research tells us that children actually feel happier when they make a meaningful contribution to the family.”

What’s more, a recent study revealed that teens of Latin American, Asian, and European descent reporter higher happiness levels when they pitched in to help the family.

“And they did not find this work stressful,” Kennedy-Moore wrote.

So what do other benefits do kids derive from doing chores?

Chores help kids

  • Learn life skills and promote a solid work ethic
  • Help develop time management skills
  • Teach empathy and responsibility
  • And cultivate family bonds.

According to WebMD, parents can help kids get into a “chores habit” by

  • Keeping chores age-appropriate
  • Being consistent in assigning chores
  • Providing specific instructions
  • Not insisting on perfection
  • Working alongside their children
  • Praising kids for a job well done

Finally, Kennedy-Moore advises parents to show kids that they appreciate the help.

“When you’re done with chores, express appreciation by doing something fun with your children,” Kennedy-Moore wrote.   “Celebrate your nice clean home and the extra time you have because they pitched in.”

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